The universe has an uncanny way of rewinding…

A few weeks ago, I woke up one morning with Steve Winwood’s “Valerie” on my mind. Had it been in my dreams? I couldn’t remember. Yet, hours later with this earworm drilling into my brain, I had no choice but to listen to the track.

“Hey Google, play Valerie by Steve Winwood.” From the very first note, my mind flooded back to the early ’80s, driving to and from college with my friend Valerie.

Val was from my hometown, a couple of years older. The funny thing is, I don’t remember actually meeting Val; she was always just there.


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Republicans fiddle while America burns

Nobody has played to the “celebrity” title quite like The Orange One. As a leader, a humanitarian, a businessman, even as a decent human being, he is the very definition of abject failure. But he’s a master at celebrity, and has used this mastery to change American politics in ways that have put the Republican party on a crash course to oblivion.

While Marjorie Taylor Greene may very well be the most unashamedly ill-educated and inarticulate person ever to set foot in Congress, Lauren Boebert is certainly giving her a run for her money. However, these two and the (accused)…

“Dorothy, wake up!”

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It’s been a little over two years since I wrote the contested “Why I No Longer Advocate for Multivalue”, and while I normally wouldn’t think much of it, today this excellent article appeared on my feed and it got me thinking about how very little has changed.

For those not familiar with the term “Multivalue”, allow me to provide a bit of background. In the mid 1960’s, a gentlemen by the name of Dick Pick (his real name, and no, don’t Google it because, well, whatever, go ahead…) and another gent named Don Nelson implemented this computer operating system they…

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Ray Charles was both black and blind. Freddy Mercury was both Parsi Indian and gay. These are just two examples of brilliant people who made the world a little brighter through the work of their lives. Yet, their brilliance is not the only thing that binds them. Like so many today, these two were treated as “less than” for the color of their skin or who they chose to love. …

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What would you do if you could receive a virtually unlimited amount of income through donations? Wouldn’t that be something? Better yet, imagine that the IRS wants none of it. Every dollar donated is entirely yours, free and clear!

Now, let’s imagine that the IRS doesn’t even care to know about it. Maybe you take in a dollar, maybe it’s 50 million, it doesn’t matter; nobody even bats an eyelash, and you can do whatever you want with the funds.

Sounds dreamy, right? Imagine all you could do in that arrangement. …

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“Land of the free” — to what end?

Even before the votes were cast, Donald Trump worked to undermine the outcome. Casting aspersions months before a single vote was cast, toiling to disrupt the USPS in the middle of a pandemic where most Americans were sequestered in their homes, and doing everything else possible to rig the election in his favor, it’s no wonder he was shocked when he lost. How could he lose when he spent so much effort rigging the game?

“I won”, he said, “by a lot” even though the final tallies and courts have repeatedly told a completely different story. …

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It’s no coincidence that 80 million people came out in force to object to the legacies of the Trump administration:

  • Abject loss of decency, respect, and honesty;
  • Lockdown due to a virus left uncontrolled to rampage the public;
  • An astronomical loss of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters to the pandemic;
  • Pardons for grifters and thugs while authorizing record executions under the banner of “pro-life”;
  • The American economy in ruin; the rich getting richer while the poor are left behind;
  • A rise in rampant, militant, white nationalism;
  • An unprecedented terrorist attack on the Capitol;
  • Ridiculous QAnon theories actively working to poison…

Looking objectively at the presidential term of Donald J Trump, one can easily identify a number of missteps including coronavirus, the economy, civility and decorum to name a few. But if we really want to evaluate the administration, we have to go back to one simple question: Did the Trump administration make America great again? Or more generally, did the Trump administration make America great AT ALL?

Let’s look at where America is today compared to 2016. For starters, we have 400,000 less citizens due to death either directly or indirectly related to COVID-19 exposure. Certainly, Trump closed the door…

My fellow Americans, at the risk of sounding alarmist, I suspect the events of January 6, 2021 were only the first wave of violence. It is imperative that we understand and prepare for what is to come.

Let us be clear: Insurrectionists have one goal: kill Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They will not stop until they accomplish this goal or die trying. Best I can tell, their thinking is that once these humans have been terminated, their fascist, grifting orange guy can continue in power. Of course that’s not how any of this works but keep in mind these…

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A short 3 days from now, people will gather in Washington DC for the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States. Interestingly, the ceremony itself will be largely virtual, as the President-elect has shuttered plans for an in-person ceremony as COVID-19 ravages the country. As a result of supporters gathering virtually, it’s not hard to believe that those actually gathering in person will largely be there to attempt— by whatever means necessary — to disregard the vote of the people and keep the present administration in power.

These are scary times indeed. Despite the devastation to the American…

Kevin King

“The first step to achieving the impossible is to believe in its possibility.” I write short pieces to inform, inspire, and hopefully teach a fast-paced world.

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