Have We Had Enough Killing Yet?

Enough is enough. Time for discussion and rational discourse is long past. We demand action.

Kevin King
5 min readNov 21, 2022


Source: https://www.cpr.org/2022/11/20/colorado-springs-shooting-q-club-lgbtq/

The news from Colorado Springs this morning is grim: five dead, 18 injured in yet another use of a gun to slaughter human beings. I’m sure the news over the next few days will be filled with all sorts of commentary and opinions attempting to explain why this happens. Some will blame the shooter, of course. Others will blame the entire LGBTQ+ community. Where any one person falls in this spectrum of blame, I fear, will largely depend on their political leanings.

It shouldn’t be this way. These are human beings being MURDERED, for God’s sake. Doesn’t matter if they’re gay, straight, Black, white, male, female, whatever. THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS, no different than any of the rest of us.

Oh, but they ARE different, you say? You’re white, they’re Black, so they’re different? You’re straight, they’re gay, so there’s definitely a difference? BULLSHIT.

My dog is a tan golden retriever, your dog is a black boxer, but they still have fun playing together. Yeah, they might get a little nippy from time to time, but in the end they’ll fall asleep in a tangled cuddle puddle, just happy to be friends.

Please click on the link to the article above, or search for Colorado Springs yourself. Every article I’ve seen has made a point to identify the club as an “LGBTQ” establishment. Why does that matter? PEOPLE DIED; it doesn’t matter if they were in school, at a dance club, or at Arbys.

Yet, the media folks that write these headlines know that by including certain words, they can polarize readers, leading to action. It doesn’t matter what the specific bent of the media is, these writers know if they can stop someone with a headline, they’re more likely to get that someone to click on an advertisement or do something else that is going to make them some money.

Yet, it would be too easy to blame the media. It’s not exactly a trade secret that the media, which used to inform, now exists primarily to entertain, and in doing so, to turn magnificent profits. So … we can’t exactly hang this one on them alone. Media darlings who turn innocent blood into profit…



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